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In   October  2003,  Hadhrat   Khalifat  ul  Masih  V  (Supreme head of the
worldwide   Ahmadiyya   Community)    named   it  “Nasir Fire and Rescue

Nasir Fire    and   Rescue    Service    was   launched    on   April 17th, 2005.
Nazir-e-A’la sadr   Anjumanan    Ahmadiyya   &   Ameer    Muqami  Sahibzada
Mirza Khursheed Ahmad Sahib  was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony.

Our aim is to provide  timely first-aid and emergency services in response to situations like explosions, fires and in case of other accidents. These services
include  rescuing  victims  from  rooftops  and providing them with immediate

The promised Messiah (as) said:
“It  is  our  goal  to  be  sympathetic  towards humanity. If  a member  of  my
community knows that in his neighborhood, a Hindu’s house is on fire, and  he
does  not  help  him   due  to religious difference, I say truly, he is not of me.”

Nasir Fire and Rescue Service is yet another achievement of Majlis Khuddam
Ul Ahmadiyya Pakistan for its particular concern and  a   motto  given  by  the
beloved founder   of  the community ‘My   sole   purpose, desire and  wish  is
Service of Humanity’.

Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) said:
“We  should  accustom  our  youth  to  sports   that prove useful in future like
running, fire fighting, leaping  through  fire, jumping  from   high  places  and swimming. All    such   activities   strengthen   them   and   help   in   future.”

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